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Bennett Family and Patricia Smith Homicides Colorado May be Linked to others


Bruce, Debra and Melissa Bennett were viciously murdered in their home in Aurora, CO,   January 1984

Bruce, Debra and Melissa Bennett were viciously murdered in their home in Aurora, CO, January 1984

Police confirmed that DNA linked the vicious Bennett family homicides in Aurora, CO, and the Patricia Smith homicide in nearby Lakewood.


Police had also found similarities between the attack at the Bennett household and nearby random attacks that happened days earlier along the Highline Canal and Alameda Avenue corridor.


While the hammer/bludgeoning attacks ended after the Bennett family was killed, there were several other random attacks that occurred days earlier along the Alameda Avenue corridor and Highline Canal.


There were at least two other hammer attacks nearby in which the victims survived.   While these attacks have not been linked by DNA evidence, you should think about them when thinking about whether you might have seen anything back in 1984 that seemed suspicious.


Were you a waitress in a bar or a restaurant in the Aurora or Lakewood areas of Colorado in 1984 where you might have heard conversation or seen someone with an unusual interest in television coverage of the incidents?


Did you work in construction in that area in 1984 and notice a co-worker whose behavior made you suspect they could have had a connection to crime?    Did you have a coworker who used a hammer when he had confrontations with other men on the job?


Did you have a boyfriend or husband or even family member whose behavior in 1984 made you suspect they had a connection to the attacks?   People divorce, have new relationships, and sometimes move to new homes where they feel safer.   Maybe you couldn’t talk about your suspicions back then due to fears of your own safety or that of your family.    Maybe you can talk about it now!


Aurora CO Bennett Family Homicide linked to Patricia Smith Homicide 1984


Bruce, Debra and Melissa Bennett were viciously murdered in their home in Aurora, CO,   January 1984

Bruce, Debra and Melissa Bennett were viciously murdered in their home in Aurora, CO, January 1984

Bruce Bennett, 27, his wife, Debra Bennett, age 26, and their 7 year-old daughter, Melissa, were brutally murdered in their home in Aurora, Colorado, on or around January 16, 1984.   The investigating agency is the Aurora Police Department.   The murders occurred between 9 p.m. on January 15 and 10 a.m. on January 16, 1984 inside their home in the 16300 block of East Center Drive.

Debra died from blunt force trauma.   Bruce and Melissa died from blunt force trauma as well as sharp force injuries, consistent with a knife.  Evidence at the scene indicated that Melissa had been sexually assaulted.   The Bennett’s three-year-old daughter was found alive at the scene, suffering from blunt force trauma.   The suspect(s) have not been identified.

If you have any information at all, no matter how trivial or irrelevant it may seem to you, please contact the detective listed or call the Aurora Police Tip Line at 303-739-6118.

If you have a tip, but want to remain anonymous, call the Denver Area CrimeStoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867).

If you or someone you know can provide information on this unresolved homicide investigation, you are encouraged to contact Detective Steve Conner at (303) 739-6190, e-mail    You may remain anonymous if you desire.

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There is also a great deal of information about the Bennett homicides at


Patricia Smith of Lakewood, CO, was murdered in January 1984, only six days before the brutal killings of the Bennett family.    In both cases, the killings were caused by blunt force trauma.  Additionally, both homicide scenes were very close to a large construction area where many new homes were being built, the Alameda Avenue corridor, and someone working construction in that area might have information or have noticed something.