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On May 23, 2004, Denver officers were called to the location of 1400 block alley King/Lowell to respond to the report of a shooting. Upon arrival, the officers found two wounded individuals, in addition to the victim, Jason Arrellano, who was pronounced dead at the scene.   Jason, age 15, remains the victim of an unsolved homicide and Denver Police would like to talk with anyone who might have any information that would help them find his killer.

Maybe the saddest thing about the murder of this young man is that there was so little media attention afterward.    I looked for further information and outrage about his death and didn’t find it.   The police, however, are still interested and invested in finding Jason’s killer.

Since other people were present and injured, his death could have been the result of bad blood between the killer(s) and those injured or it could have been a random shooting.   Regardless of why he was targeted, Jason’s young life was snuffed out before he was able to grow up and find his own way in life.


Anyone with information regarding this case, is asked to please contact the Denver Police Department.   Please contact the officer for this case:

Audrey Simkins
Cold Case/ViCAP Criminal Intelligence Analyst
Major Crimes Unit
Colorado Bureau of Investigation
Phone: 303-239-5764
Email: audrey.simkins@state.co.us

15 Year Old Jason Arrellano shot down in the street in Denver Colorado

15 Year Old Jason Arrellano shot down in the street in Denver Colorado