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Does Hawaii (Kauai) have a serial killer who is still at large?

Does beautiful, idyllic Hawaii have a serial killer? Investigators believe that may be the case, with three victims that fit the same profile and have similar physical characteristics. One victim was able to survive her attacker’s attempt to take her life.

Maybe this 2000 attacker has left the area or is in prison for something else. While the attacks occurred in an isolated area, it was near the beach and probably had people who regularly went to the area for surfing. Your information could change the direction of investigators or let them know they are on the right track. Women in the area still feel fear because of the assailant, who is still at large.

Lisa Bissell and Darren Singer weren’t as fortunate as the second victim, who was left seriously injured. Both of them faced an attacker with a knife and were sexually assaulted and killed. Bissell was believed to have been taken to the isolated Polihale Beach Park on the west end of the island after being attacked elsewhere. On April 7, 2000, 38 year old Bissell was found in a ditch, stabbed to death, off a roadway leading to Polihale.

Lisa Bissell was the first victim of the Kauai serial killer who is still at large.

The lone survivor, a 52 year old woman, was attacked doing yard work in Kekaha. She suffered a broken arm and was stabbed in the abdomen during an attempted sexual assault.

Daren R. Singer, 43, was found at Pakala Beach, partially clad, another victim of stab wounds. There were signs indicating she was also a sexual assault victim and cash was located at her campsite, suggesting robbery was not the motive for the killing. She was similar in appearance to the 38yo Bissell. Singer was a local craftsperson and reported a Krishna devotee. Pakala Beach is located in a remote area of Kauai but popular with surfers. Bissell was killed only a few miles away and the location was also near where the third surviving victims was seriously injured during an attempted sexual assault.

Daren Singer, Kauai murder victim. Found at Pakala Point Beach.

Lisa Bissell was killed April 7, 2000.

The unknown victim was assaulted and injured in a sexual assault attempt in a yard at Kekaha on May 22.

Daren Singer was killed August 30.

Each victims was sexually assaulted.

The weapon used in each case was a knife.

The victims were all Caucasian.

Each victims was 5’ 2” to 5’ 5” tall.

Each victims weighed about 100 pounds.

The victims were all alone at the time of their attacks.

The attacks were all on the west side of Kauai near the beach.

Each victim appears to have suffered at the hands of a single assailant.

The victims were all middle aged, from 38-52.

Police have been very active in this case, interviewing as many as six suspects. They also located a vehicle they suspect may have been used to move a victim’s body. DNA results are pending. The surviving victim was able to provide information for a composite.

The surviving victim provided information for a composite of her attacker.

Forward any information related to this crime to Special Investigator John Burgess at 808-241-1734 or Special Investigators Joe Adric or Paul Kanoho at 808-241-1757. You may also send information to the Kauai County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney at 808-241-1888 or via email:coldcase@kauai.gov

Jerry Elrod was stabbed to death in Fairbanks, Alaska, October 1983.

Jerry Elrod was stabbed to death in Fairbanks, Alaska, October 1983.

Kathy Morris, 23, worked at Fairbanks Hospital, when she was killed along with her friend, Jerry Elrod, in October 1983.

Kathy Morris, 23, worked at Fairbanks Hospital, when she was killed along with her friend, Jerry Elrod, in October 1983.




The double homicide of Kathy Morris and Jerry Elrod in Fairbanks on October 1, 1983 remains open 32 years later.    Both of them were found stabbed to death in her apartment on Slater Drive.   Newer technology and ways of solving crime have been tried by detectives in later years including Fairbanks Police Detective Peyton Merideth.   Their bodies were found by a maintenance worker and the apartment showed signs of a violent struggle although there were no signs of a forced entry.   That led authorities to believe that they probably knew their killer.

Police are still seeking the assistance of the public to help solve their vicious murders.    They are not saying if any new physical evidence has been uncovered with more modern technology.   As is the normal case with such killings, dozens of interviews were done to try and gain more insight into the crimes.    Police still want to talk to anyone who may have known the victims, Kathy Morris and Jerry Elrod, or their friend, Charles Cosper Jr., who spent time with the couple hours before they were killed.


Do you pick up a hitchhiker on the Richardson Highway early on the morning of the homicides, October 1, 1983?   If so, the Fairbanks Police want to talk to you.   Maybe you didn’t think about the significance at the time, but if you saw the news reports and now remember picking someone up that day, it could be very important.   Police would also like to talk to the person who contacted them about the case in the early 1990s and provided a great deal of information, in the hopes that that person can help put some of the puzzle pieces together.

Morris had only lived in Alaska about six months when she was killed and she worked at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.  She was separated from her husband at the time and her son by a previous marriage went to stay with his grandparents in Missouri at that time.

Elrod was stationed at Eielson Air Force Base and belonged to the honor guard, where he also started a drill team.   He was not married and had met Morris a few weeks before their homicides at Rock Island, a now defunct night club.   The couple and Cosper had been at the non-commissioned officers’ club at Eielson Air Force Base the night they lost their lives, leaving there about 10:30am and arriving back at Morris’ apartment around 1:00 a.m.

When the maintenance worker found their bodies the next morning a little before 10:00 a. m., it was initially reported that a domestic had turned into a knife fight.  This was erroneous.

Cold cases can be solved.   Over the period of years, the killer may have talked to someone about what happened that night.    He may have an estranged spouse or girlfriend who knew that he came home bloody that night without an explanation.   He may have had a friend pick him up near the apartments that night.    Technology is great if there is evidence to be found and analyzed but in the absence of that, the police need someone to come forward who has information that can place a killer at the scene.   They need your help.