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University of Georgia Student Shot and Killed

Kelvin was a 2nd Lt. in the U. S. Army Reserve and University of Georgia student.

Kelvin McDuffie was a young man with a future.   He had a girlfriend he wanted to marry, had plans to have his own business and own a home.   He was a student at the University of Georgia and a 2nd Lt. in the U. S. Army Reserves.    His dreams and life were cut short on January 16, 2003 when his bullet-riddled body was found by a delivery driver in a remote area of the 1500 block of Olympic Drive in eastern Clark County, GA in the early morning hours.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Athens-Clarke County Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are asking the public to contact them if they have any information that might lead to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for McDuffie’s murder.   Anyone who might have heard or seen anything from the hours of dusk on Wednesday, January 15, and 5:30 a. m. January 16, 2003, are requested to call.    Anyone who was well acquainted with McDuffie or had spoken with him in the weeks before his death are also encouraged to call investigators.


From the last information I received, a reward is available in this case.


A REWARD is available for information leading to an arrest and conviction. If you have any information, please, contact any of the following:

Athens-Clarke County Police Department – (706) 613-3888 ext. 305
E-mail: jameswilliams@co.clarke.ga.us

Georgia Bureau of Investigation – (706) 542-7901
E-mail: steve.baxley@gbi.state.ga.us

For further information, visit:http://www.accpd.org/UNSOLVED/mcduffie.html

Paula Grossi of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Police Seeking Tips

REHOBOTH BEACH, Delaware, Sussex County

Paula Grossi was the victim of a gun related homicide during a break-in at her home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in 2007.

It’s been more than five years since Paula Grossi, age 45, of Rehoboth Beach, was killed on January 26.  Police are still actively seeking leads in her murder and you might have the one piece of information that can link the other things they know to lead to a suspect.


Unlike many cases where there is no known suspect and police are searching in the dark, they have composites they would like to match to suspects and bring charges against them.  Police hope the composites will jog someone’s memory and bring them the call that can close this case.



Paula Grossi was killed in her home on January 26, 2007, from gunshot wounds after two suspects tied other up two other people inside her home on Winner Circle near Rehoboth around 12:50 p.m. that day.   The killers ransacked her house after tying up the family member and friend of Grossi in the home.   After the suspects fled, the other people were able to free themselves and found that Grossi had been killed.


While there did not appear to be force used to enter the home, it does not mean that the suspects were known to the inhabitants.


Paula Grossi’s family is offering a $25,000 for the arrest of the killer.   Please verify the reward if you have an interest in it as families do sometimes withdraw rewards not claimed within a reasonable time.   Paula Grossi had medical problems and used a cane to get around, which made her unable to effectively fight back making her murder even more horrendous.   An informant tried to collect the original $100,000 reward offered, but kept dragging his feet and it was withdrawn.


One suspect is a W/M, approximately 40 or more, 5’ 6” and about 200 pounds with a mark of some kind under his left eye, possibly a tattoo of tear drops.  He was dressed in black overalls, brown construction boots, black knit cap and dark gloves.   Black overalls are not a normal piece of clothing and maybe someone knows someone of that description who wears black overalls.

This suspect in the Paula Grossi murder may have a tear drops tattoo under his left eye.  This is a distinctive characteristic.  Do you know him?

This suspect in the Paula Grossi murder may have a tear drops tattoo under his left eye. This is a distinctive characteristic. Do you know him?

The other suspect is between 20-25 approximately, 5’ 7”, around 160 pounds, wearing a hooded jacket, wool skull hat and white gloves.

The second suspect in the Grossi homicide may be someone you know.  Check out his face and think back.

The second suspect in the Grossi homicide may be someone you know. Check out his face and think back.

These suspects are not similar in appearance  and their presence together might remind someone of two people they know who fit that description that hang out together.   This is a case that can be solved.


Anyone with information about this crime is urged to call the Delaware State Police Homicide Unit at (302) 739-5939, Troop 7 at (302) 644-5020, Crime Stoppers, or 911.

Reward Offered Raleigh County WV Cherice Gwinn Disappearance Homicide

Cherice Gwinn was a beautiful young woman who disappeared under very strange circumstances and is assumed dead.

Cherice Gwinn was a beautiful young woman who disappeared under very strange circumstances and is assumed dead.

Cherice Gwinn's car was probably known by many in the community as she was a student and had a job outside the home.

Cherice Gwinn’s car was probably known by many in the community as she was a student and had a job outside the home.

Did you see Cherice Gwinn's car back in 1993 with someone else driving it?

Did you see Cherice Gwinn’s car back in 1993 with someone else driving it?


Sometimes people go missing in such suspicious circumstances that the police treat their disappearance as a homicide and investigate it as such.    That generally means they have a suspect in mind but have not been able to get enough evidence to charge that suspect.    Cherice Gwinn Stephens went missing from Raleigh County (West Virginia) September 29, 1993 in such a situation.


For those who don’t know where Raleigh County (WV) is located, you may have heard of Beckley, West Virginia.   It is not far from the New River Gorge Bridge and is near the training facility for federal mine inspectors.


Cherice Gwinn (Stephens) disappeared between September 29th and October 1, 1993, although she was not reported missing until September, 1994.   How did that happen, you might ask?   That immediately brings up all kinds of red flags, questions and suspicions.   Read on.


At the time of her disappearance, Cherice Gwinn was married to Norman Stephens.    They lived in a small residence on the Harmon property on Brackenridge Road in the Bolt area of Raleigh County.


Cherice was a student at The College of WV (Beckley College).   She also enjoyed fitness and joined the L.A. East Gym in Beckley.   Prior to her disappearance she worked at Spartan Sporting Goods in Beckley.


Do you have a suspect in mind yet?    There’s more.


Cherice drove a 1993 white Dodge Daytona (pictured).   Strangely enough her car disappeared the same time as Cherice but it mysteriously reappeared a month later.   The police are really seeking any additional information relating to the storage or transport of this vehicle during the fall of 1993.    That could help them solve her disappearance and likely murder.


Cherice was last seen alive by her husband, Norman Stephens.  Just weeks after her disappearance, Norman Stephens filed for divorce and that divorce was final on Valentine’s Day, 1994.


It was not Norman who reported her missing and remember she was not reported missing until September 1994, months after his divorce from her was final.    Norman Stephens never reported Cherice missing and has never fully cooperated with the police.  Norman has never been willing to talk with Cherice’s family about her disappearance despite their many requests for him to do so.


At the time of her disappearance, Norman Stephens worked for UPS and not long after her disappearance, he moved to Cherry Hill Apartments in the Beaver area of Raleigh County.   Additionally, in the years immediately following Cherice`s disappearance, Norman Stephens closely associated with Benjamin Williams, who, like Norman, was a graduate of Independence High School   Other associates at the time included Robert Miller (a high school friend who had joined the USAF and was living in Texas and/or North Carolina) and his coworkers from the Beckley UPS.


This case is being investigated as a homicide.  If you have ANY information pertaining to the aforementioned facts or circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Cherice Gwinn, even background information that you may not think is important, her family urges you to contact CRIME STOPPERS at 304-255-STOP (7867).    The investigating officers are West Virginia State Police F/Sgt. D. L. Bowles at 304-647-7600 and Sgt. G. D. Williams at 304-256-6700.


I don’t necessarily love the idea of people providing information because they want the money but if a reward motivates someone when nothing else does, there is a reward offered for helping bring this case to an end.


PLEASE HELP THE GWINN FAMILY HAVE SOME CLOSURE ABOUT THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THEIR DAUGHTER.     IF YOUR TIP ABOUT CHERICE GWINN LEADS POLICE TO MAKE AN ARREST, you will receive a minimum cash reward of $1,000.00 and up to $5,000.00 cash reward, depending on how helpful your information is to the solving of the case.


This information is from the Raleigh County (WV) Crime Stoppers website and you can see this case there, as well as other Raleigh County cold cases at http://raleighcounty.crimestoppersweb.com/misc.aspx?p=1.


Verify the reward information if that is what motivates you with the Crime Stoppers at the phone number above.   There is someone out there besides the killer who knows what happened to Cherice.   It is likely that someone stored the car for the killer and then it reappeared.   Someone may have helped the killer by driving the car away or by picking the killer up after they took the car somewhere.


It is time to step up to the plate and help this family.