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Rebecca Simon 2002 Murder Rialto, California


Sgt. Paul Stella of the Rialto Police Department in California is seeking help from the public to solve the vicious murder of Rebecca Simon who was found dumped in a vacant field.    She left her home on November 4, 2002, at around 5:30pm, going to the grocery store and she was never seen alive again, other than by her killer.   Rebecca was found on November 5, brutally beaten and murdered at another location that has never been discovered.   Rebecca’s loving family and her two year old daughter were left alone by her death.


Police stated that she had become involved with a bad crowd, one involving a street gang and illegal drugs the last few years of her short life.   The brutality of her slaying and the circumstances of her leaving a young daughter made this case especially important to the detectives who had been involved.  The police are asking for leads in this case.


Someone may have seen Rebecca walking to the grocery store, have seen her getting into someone’s car or heard someone talking about what had happened to her.    Her homicide could have been gang involved, an angry boyfriend, or even an unknown stranger.   It is important to her family and to the dedicated detectives seeking to solve her case, that justice is served.


Anyone with information about Simon’s case or other unsolved homicides in Rialto is asked to call Sgt. Stella at 909-820-2632 or Mills at 909-421-4990.

Rebecca Simon was murdered in Rialto, CA, in 2002

Rebecca Simon was murdered in Rialto, CA, in 2002