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14 Year Old Regina Krieger Abducted and Murdered in Idaho

Regina Krieger, 14, from Burley, Idaho, was turning her life around when she was abducted and murdered.

While any violent death is tragic, when a child is involved, it affects us all the more. It doesn’t matter if the death is that of a young child or a teenager, a young person’s life is snuffed out needlessly.
Regina Krieger, 14, of Burley, Idaho, became involved with the wrong crowd in Burley and began using drugs after her parents divorced. She was living with her mother in Twin Falls, and being separated from her family and friends in Burley, she may have missed those close ties. She wanted to go back and live with her father in Burley and that was where she started having problems. With her parents’ support, she had begun turning her life around, cut ties with the drug crowd, and was planning to go back to her mother’s home.

Regina disappeared the night of February 28, 1995 from her bedroom in the basement, where she was stabbed. She was taken up a stairwell and taken away from the scene in a car. The basement had bloodstains that told the story and more than one person was suspected to be involved in the attack and abduction.

Her body was found on the eastern bank of the Snake River, six miles downstream from the Minidoka Dam six weeks later on April 15, 1995. The body was badly decomposed and authorities could not make an identification until dental records were used.

The cause of death was from having her throat cut and she also had stabbing wounds to the chest. There were rumors that she was killed over a debt owed a drug dealer and that some teens had seen a body in a bath tub but these were not substantiated.

Police are trying to use new technology to gain new leads but there are people in the community that probably know more than they have revealed. A local convicted drug dealer during a previous murder trial but he has not been charged in this case. In that case, a male subject testified that he and that drug dealer, along with another man, were present in a car when Regina’s body was transported away. That subject later said he lied.

It only takes one lead many times to provide the linking information that allows investigators to get on the right track and find a killer. It’s time that Regina’s killer(s) is brought to justice.

Please contact the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information about Regina or might have seen unusual activity at that location in the time period from February 28 to April 15, 1995.

Does Hawaii (Kauai) have a serial killer who is still at large?

Does beautiful, idyllic Hawaii have a serial killer? Investigators believe that may be the case, with three victims that fit the same profile and have similar physical characteristics. One victim was able to survive her attacker’s attempt to take her life.

Maybe this 2000 attacker has left the area or is in prison for something else. While the attacks occurred in an isolated area, it was near the beach and probably had people who regularly went to the area for surfing. Your information could change the direction of investigators or let them know they are on the right track. Women in the area still feel fear because of the assailant, who is still at large.

Lisa Bissell and Darren Singer weren’t as fortunate as the second victim, who was left seriously injured. Both of them faced an attacker with a knife and were sexually assaulted and killed. Bissell was believed to have been taken to the isolated Polihale Beach Park on the west end of the island after being attacked elsewhere. On April 7, 2000, 38 year old Bissell was found in a ditch, stabbed to death, off a roadway leading to Polihale.

Lisa Bissell was the first victim of the Kauai serial killer who is still at large.

The lone survivor, a 52 year old woman, was attacked doing yard work in Kekaha. She suffered a broken arm and was stabbed in the abdomen during an attempted sexual assault.

Daren R. Singer, 43, was found at Pakala Beach, partially clad, another victim of stab wounds. There were signs indicating she was also a sexual assault victim and cash was located at her campsite, suggesting robbery was not the motive for the killing. She was similar in appearance to the 38yo Bissell. Singer was a local craftsperson and reported a Krishna devotee. Pakala Beach is located in a remote area of Kauai but popular with surfers. Bissell was killed only a few miles away and the location was also near where the third surviving victims was seriously injured during an attempted sexual assault.

Daren Singer, Kauai murder victim. Found at Pakala Point Beach.

Lisa Bissell was killed April 7, 2000.

The unknown victim was assaulted and injured in a sexual assault attempt in a yard at Kekaha on May 22.

Daren Singer was killed August 30.

Each victims was sexually assaulted.

The weapon used in each case was a knife.

The victims were all Caucasian.

Each victims was 5’ 2” to 5’ 5” tall.

Each victims weighed about 100 pounds.

The victims were all alone at the time of their attacks.

The attacks were all on the west side of Kauai near the beach.

Each victim appears to have suffered at the hands of a single assailant.

The victims were all middle aged, from 38-52.

Police have been very active in this case, interviewing as many as six suspects. They also located a vehicle they suspect may have been used to move a victim’s body. DNA results are pending. The surviving victim was able to provide information for a composite.

The surviving victim provided information for a composite of her attacker.

Forward any information related to this crime to Special Investigator John Burgess at 808-241-1734 or Special Investigators Joe Adric or Paul Kanoho at 808-241-1757. You may also send information to the Kauai County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney at 808-241-1888 or via email:coldcase@kauai.gov