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Darlene Polizzi Has Been Missing 50 Years Can You Help?

Darlene DeWolff Polizzi has been missing for fifty years. Her family misses her. She may have been the victim of Raymond Alves, who is an already incarcerated suspected serial killer.

Young Darlene DeWolff Polizzi went missing 50 years ago from Bergen County, NJ. Maybe you remember her or a possible suspect in her missing, Raymond Alves.

Raymond Alves is in prison for attacks on other teenagers and is a suspect in several homicides.

I was contacted by the family of Darlene DeWolff Polizzi who disappeared from Lodi, New Jersey, April 24, 1967. She’s been missing for 50 years. Her family hasn’t forgotten her.

Darlene DeWolff Polizzi was a young woman, just 19, when she went missing from Lodi in Bergen County, New Jersey, April 24, 1967. Her nieces called her “Aunt Dee Dee.” Darlene has reddish brown hair and brown eyes, a small female at 5’ 3” and weighing 100 pounds. She was wearing a brown blouse and a skirt with polka dots, along with a brown suede coat with a fur collar, when she went missing.

She and her husband were looking at new apartments with her husband and had returned home to Westminster Place in Lodi, NJ. Her husband went out, leaving Darlene home alone. She was reported missing by her husband on April 25 and he believed she took several items of clothing, but left behind most personal belongings, including her jewelry. She was a waitress at the Hangar Restaurant in Paramus and known to frequent Tommy’s Diner on Paterson Avenue in Wallington.

There is some belief that Darlene might have been the victim of a serial killer. Raymond Alves worked with Darlene’s husband at a sheet metal plant and Darlene was friends with Alves’ wife. Some of the suspicion came about due to the highly suspicious move of the Alves family the day after Polizzi disappeared. Alves was convicted of raping a teenager in Fair Lawn and pushing another teenage girl off a bridge in Clifton in 1976.

He served 23 years of a 47-year sentence and was released from prison in 2000. Authorities suspected that the murders of seven teenage females whose bodies were found in Bergen County, NJ, might be laid at his doorstep, that he might be a serial killer. He has not been charges in these deaths nor in Polizzi’s disappearance but the concern is there.

Alves has been a controversial figure after being released without prosecutors being notified. He was locked back up after a nationwide manhunt after his release and being featured on America’s Most Wanted.

Prosecutors weren’t aware that Alves was being let go and never got a chance to seek to have him civilly committed as a sexually violent predator and had the arrest warrant issued. He also failed to comply with Megan’s law to register as a sex offender. The AP reported that he claimed to have raped and killed more than a dozen women. Law enforcement officials also say Alves remains a suspect in the unsolved slayings of six young women in Bergen and Passaic counties between 1966 and 1976.

Alves has been active in filing suit against the Department of Corrections for mental health treatment for inmates and other relief in New Jersey. I once had a perp who was a serial sex abuse offender and that is how he spent, and is still spending his time in prison, filing federal lawsuits over this and that.

There aren’t a lot of remaining family members of Darlene Polizzi, but they miss Aunt Dee Dee and have continued to look for her and urge that official channels remain open and looking for her. Maybe initially she was just another missing woman and authorities didn’t know if she’d been taken or left on her own, because the police didn’t get a statement from her sister, who had been looking for her. Her sister was 8 months pregnant at the time. The police also did not have DNA until they obtained it from the last surviving sister, who passed last year. One niece wasn’t born when her Aunt Dee Dee disappeared but she is among those who still wants to know what happened to her.

Was Raymond Alves responsible for her disappearance or was there another person responsible for her disappearance and the murders of other young women during that time period? If you have any information about Darlene or any of the other young women, now is the time to provide that information.

The family would appreciate that anyone with any information about Darlene contact:

The Bergen County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office
Lt. Carmen Martino

14 Year Old Regina Krieger Abducted and Murdered in Idaho

Regina Krieger, 14, from Burley, Idaho, was turning her life around when she was abducted and murdered.

While any violent death is tragic, when a child is involved, it affects us all the more. It doesn’t matter if the death is that of a young child or a teenager, a young person’s life is snuffed out needlessly.
Regina Krieger, 14, of Burley, Idaho, became involved with the wrong crowd in Burley and began using drugs after her parents divorced. She was living with her mother in Twin Falls, and being separated from her family and friends in Burley, she may have missed those close ties. She wanted to go back and live with her father in Burley and that was where she started having problems. With her parents’ support, she had begun turning her life around, cut ties with the drug crowd, and was planning to go back to her mother’s home.

Regina disappeared the night of February 28, 1995 from her bedroom in the basement, where she was stabbed. She was taken up a stairwell and taken away from the scene in a car. The basement had bloodstains that told the story and more than one person was suspected to be involved in the attack and abduction.

Her body was found on the eastern bank of the Snake River, six miles downstream from the Minidoka Dam six weeks later on April 15, 1995. The body was badly decomposed and authorities could not make an identification until dental records were used.

The cause of death was from having her throat cut and she also had stabbing wounds to the chest. There were rumors that she was killed over a debt owed a drug dealer and that some teens had seen a body in a bath tub but these were not substantiated.

Police are trying to use new technology to gain new leads but there are people in the community that probably know more than they have revealed. A local convicted drug dealer during a previous murder trial but he has not been charged in this case. In that case, a male subject testified that he and that drug dealer, along with another man, were present in a car when Regina’s body was transported away. That subject later said he lied.

It only takes one lead many times to provide the linking information that allows investigators to get on the right track and find a killer. It’s time that Regina’s killer(s) is brought to justice.

Please contact the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information about Regina or might have seen unusual activity at that location in the time period from February 28 to April 15, 1995.



On May 23, 2004, Denver officers were called to the location of 1400 block alley King/Lowell to respond to the report of a shooting. Upon arrival, the officers found two wounded individuals, in addition to the victim, Jason Arrellano, who was pronounced dead at the scene.   Jason, age 15, remains the victim of an unsolved homicide and Denver Police would like to talk with anyone who might have any information that would help them find his killer.

Maybe the saddest thing about the murder of this young man is that there was so little media attention afterward.    I looked for further information and outrage about his death and didn’t find it.   The police, however, are still interested and invested in finding Jason’s killer.

Since other people were present and injured, his death could have been the result of bad blood between the killer(s) and those injured or it could have been a random shooting.   Regardless of why he was targeted, Jason’s young life was snuffed out before he was able to grow up and find his own way in life.


Anyone with information regarding this case, is asked to please contact the Denver Police Department.   Please contact the officer for this case:

Audrey Simkins
Cold Case/ViCAP Criminal Intelligence Analyst
Major Crimes Unit
Colorado Bureau of Investigation
Phone: 303-239-5764
Email: audrey.simkins@state.co.us

15 Year Old Jason Arrellano shot down in the street in Denver Colorado

15 Year Old Jason Arrellano shot down in the street in Denver Colorado